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10 C’s To Create A Great Smile

Here at Smile Care Orthodontic Centre & Multispeciality Dental Clinic, we understand that not everyone looks forward to a dental treatment. Therefore, we believe in making our patients feel at ease from the moment they step into the clinic, because we not only care for your teeth, but also care for you as a person. Contact us today to book an appointment. We look forward to caring for you!

At Smile Care Orthodontic Centre & Multispeciality Dental Clinic we like to keep our patients informed and involved before, during and after treatment. We love to communicate with you and encourage your feedback at all times. Here are some examples of how we do this:

We create multiple communication channels via text message reminders, telephone, email, treatment videos and photos through, which you can contact us or obtain more information.

Once we have diagnosed your case, you will always be provided with a full treatment plan with all the treatment options available and their prices, which we will discuss with you in detail so you can make an informed decision that is suits you. Start a conversation with us about your oral health today – we look forward to hearing from you!

There is nothing more beautiful than a healthy smile that has been well looked after. A specialization within dentistry, known as cosmetic dentistry, focuses on giving patients not only a fully functioning smile but also an attractive one that you will be proud to flaunt around. Here at Smile Care Orthodontic Centre & Multispeciality Dental Clinic we are trained to deliver numerous cosmetic dentistry treatments, giving you a wide range of choices for getting the smile you always wanted. These treatments are designed to enhance your smile with materials and techniques that will make the final outcome look natural and in tune with the rest of your teeth and the proportions of your face. You can learn more about our treatments by observing our presentation on following cases:

  • • Chipped teeth
  • • Crooked teeth
  • • Gaps in the teeth
  • • White fillings
  • • Solutions for missing teeth
  • • Crowns
  • • Smile makeover

If you are interested to find out more about the results you can expect with these treatments, do ask our experts and watch the presentation for smile make over cases.

The word ‘comfort’ might not be what you immediately associate with a visit to the dental practice but we strive to make you as comfortable as possible during your stay. When you step into Smile Care Orthodontic Centre & Multispeciality Dental Clinic you will enjoy the warm and friendly environment that we create here. When you are in the dental chair, our experts will do their best to make you feel at ease, by listening to you and stopping treatment whenever you feel uncomfortable. We do this so you feel in control and less anxious about dentistry.

Our team is in tune with your needs and many of our patients comment how they appreciate the time we take to make them feel relaxed and welcome.

Our patients benefit from a number of convenient features at our practice .We offer flexible appointment times in the evenings and weekends for our patients who have very demanding schedules. As a convenient way to remind you about your upcoming appointment, we will also send you a text message or call to your mobile phone.

We love to make use of technology to create processes that are more streamlined and easy for our patients to use. Another advantage is that we offer all our dental services under one roof. In other words, we can conduct the necessary x-rays on our premises, so you don’t have to travel to another location. We also have a number of dental specialists who will come to the practice to deliver your treatment should you require advanced procedures .

Our practice is also accessible for patients with and on the main road, making a trip to the dentist as convenient as possible.

We are very proud of our team at Smile Care Orthodontic Centre & Multispeciality Dental Clinic. Each of us works very hard and loves to care for patients. We enjoy making you feel welcome and giving your confidence back by restoring your smile to good health.

Our fees are affordable. The patient gets a premium level of dental treatment at reasonable costs. Some of the options available for our patients include:

  • – cash/cheque/ payment acceptable
  • – Credit/Debit card payment facility
  • – Membership Plans for monthly payments

At Smile Care Orthodontic Centre & Multispeciality Dental Clinic, we not only help you keep your teeth clean, we keep our practice clean as well!

Here at Smile Care Orthodontic Centre & Multispeciality Dental Clinic we have ensured that we always follow stringent cleaning routines for all our equipment and instruments.

What does this mean for you as the patient? Well, you can rest assured that you will always be treated in a clean environment and that all the equipment and instruments used during your treatment have been sterilized and cleaned, so you are not at risk of any contamination from other sources. For us, this simply forms part of our commitment to patient care.

We provide a pain free and comforting treatment experience to our patients with the use of some gadgets like :

  • – Conscious Sedation
  • – Soft music
  • – Pleasant and temperature controlled treatment rooms
  • – A warm and friendly team to help you relax

Every team member in the practice is assigned specific tasks and responsibilities within an organization structure. Some of the team member titles include

  • -Principal Dentist
  • -Dental assistant
  • -Specialists

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Please free to contact us for emergency case.

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