Pedodontic Dentistry or Pedodontics applies to the field of dentistry related with the care of children's teeth. Preventive dentistry is usually applied in the field of pedodontics in teaching and promoting good oral care and preventing tooth decay in children.

Pedodontic Dentistry include:

  • Behavior management and dental education
  • OMonitoring of the dental eruption
  • TRoutine dental check-up
  • Child dietary consultation
  • Cleaning and polishing
  • Restorations and tooth-colour filling of deciduous teeth
  • Sealant of the permanent teeth
  • Space maintainer, space regainer
  • Root canal treatment and stainless steel crown of the deciduous teeth

Periodontic Dentistry

For a parent, seeing a child lose a tooth in an accident can be gut wrenching. Such injuries are often bloody and can be anxiety provoking for the child as well. Knowing how to prevent dental injury and what to do in case your child's teeth are damaged in an accident can save your children's teeth. All teeth, even baby teeth, are important. Many parents, are under the mis-impression that baby teeth are less important because they will eventually be replaced.

This is absolutely not true. Baby teeth serve several important functions including, acting as spacers creating enough room in the jaw so that permanent teeth can come in, aiding in proper speech development, and serving to help build self-esteem in the newly independent child.

Preventing Dental Injuries

Watch out for situations that commonly can lead to dental injury. In our practice these are some of the more common: Trips and Falls - Falling into furniture and down stairs often causes dental injury. This is most likely to occur when children are first learning to stand and often use furniture to maintain balance.Children who are just learning to walk also have a tendency to fall down - often onto household furniture or other items. If you have an infant make sure to child proof your home before they become mobile - usually around 12 - 16 months.

Forks and Spoons - Believe it or not, some injuries are self-inflicted when people, not paying attention, crack or chip their teeth with spoons or forks as they eat Bottle Caps - Tell you child never attempt to open a bottle cap by using their teeth.

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